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Chairman Jeff McKay

"...Chief, you made us proud every step of the way:"

"Most important were the chief’s abilities to build trust and transparency in the community" McKay said.


Supervisor John Foust

“There’s just so much that is not seen by the public,” Foust said [of Roessler], adding, “I’ve always considered you the ultimate professional, showing respect to one and all.


Supervisor James Walkinshaw

Supervisor James Walkinshaw (D-Braddock) said he appreciated Roessler’s commitment on domestic-violence issues and his willingness to make tough moral decisions.

“I think your tenure probably would have been much easier if you had skirted some of those or had done what at the time would have been the more popular or easier decision,” he said. “Because you took a different path and were willing to take the slings and arrows, including several . . . times impugning your motives, I think this community is a better place and the Fairfax County Police Department is a better department.”